Publicaciones cortas


Sometimes, I start a blog post and then stop, because I lose interest. I thought this had to do with the way I write. When I write a blog post, I always start from top to bottom, revising as I go: that means starting from the introduction. That, however, has terrible consequences for my inspiration.

So now, I've decided to change tactics. I've decided to write as I do in Twitter for short posts like this one: write as my inspiration flows, and then structure a bit. If, on the other hand, my post has to be long, have explanation (not just a matter of opinion), or have headings and links, start like I would on a tweetstorm, then edit as needed. Let's see how it goes.

So, how do you, my readers, write? How do you deal with lost of interest? How do you deal with new ideas, unfinished ideas, etc.? Do share in the comments!